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Welcome to CIRHUS!

Welcome to CIRHUS, the joint research center between NYU and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). CIRHUS supports collaborative projects across the social sciences and the humanities between NYU faculty and visiting researchers from CNRS and higher education institutions in France. It runs several competitive fellowship programs enabling visiting researchers to come to NYU and NYU faculty and postdocs to spend time in France. We invite you to subscribe to our mailing list to receive regular announcements regarding our programs, activities and events.


  • Appel à candidatures : Séjours de recherche au CIRHUS (UMI3199)

    Le CIRHUS (Center for International Research in the Humanities and the Social Sciences), unité mixte de recherche internationale 3199 du CNRS accueille à NYU des chercheurs en résidence pour des séjours de 2 mois à partir du 1er septembre 2015 et jusqu’au 30 juin 2016. READ MORE.

  • CIRHUS to offer visiting fellowships to France

    CIRHUS offers several fellowships for NYU doctoral students and faculty wishing to spend up to three months in France for research purposes or academic cooperation. These fellowships are intended to promote collaboration between NYU and CNRS researchers in the humanities and social sciences.​ Read more.

  • 'Why words don't work'

    Ruth-Ben Ghiat's latest installment in her CNN series on the legacies of World War One

  • Grants for dissertation research in France

    The French Embassy in the United States offers grants allowing doctoral students to pursue their research in a French research center for a period of 4 to 9 months. Further information about the application process can be found here.

  • Call for Papers: International workshop, CIRHUS, March 20, 2015.

    Dissecting Society. Periodical Literature and Social Observation (1830-1850).

  • CIRHUS fellow interviewed by France 24TV

    CIRHUS fellow Jean-Philippe Dedieu is interviewed by France 24TV about European migration policies. Watch part one here, and part two here.

  • State-sponsored racism in Europe

    CIRHUS fellow Jean-Philippe Dedieu discusses anti-immigrant racism in Greece and Europe on Al Jazeera.

  • Ruth Ben-Ghiat launches a CNN web series on the legacies of WWI.

    As the world is commemorating the centennial of World War I, Ruth Ben-Ghiat launches a CNN web series focusing on the legacies of the Great War which shape our lives to this day. This series will run over the summer and feature contributions by historians, legal scholars, sociologists and other specialists. Read whole article here.

  • Patrick Weil on Edward Snowden

    CIRHUS fellow Patrick Weil publishes op-ed in the daily Le Monde on the constitutional possibility that Edward Snowden be granted asylum in France.

  • Visiting fellowships to France for NYU faculty and researchers

    The CNRS offers several fellowships for NYU faculty members and junior researchers wishing to spend up to three months in France for research purposes or academic cooperation. These fellowships are intended to promote collaboration between NYU and CNRS researchers in the humanities and social sciences. The fellowships take the form of a monthly stipend granted by the CNRS and commensurate with the seniority of the applicants. Read more.

  • What researchers say about CIRHUS.

    Visiting fellow Vincent Debiais talks about his work in New York on the blog of the Center for Advanced Studies on Medieval Civilization (CESCM).

  • Ph.D. Fellowships

    CNRS offers four grants to doctoral students enrolled in French Ph.D. programs that include a 20 month visiting fellowship at CIRHUS. Read more.

  • CIRHUS Director to lead excavations at early art site

    CIRHUS Director Randall White will lead an international, multidisciplinary scientific team in excavations at Abri Cellier, a rockshelter in the Vézère Valley of SW France which has yielded some of the oldest art in the world. New research at the site by a team of 15 French and American scientists will seek to understand the precise date and paleoethnographic context of several engraved limestone slabs discovered during poorly-controlled, pre-modern excavations in 1927.

  • First CIRHUS-Rockefeller Archive Center Fellowship laureates.

    The first successful laureates of the CIRHUS-Rockefeller fellowships have been announced. Francisco Roa Bastos (Université Paris I) will come to CIRHUS and the Rockefeller Archive Center in June and July 2014 to do research on the funding of comparative politics research. Elise Aurières (Université Paris I), who is currently a visiting fellow at CIRHUS, will come back in January 2015 to pursue her work on the influence of Alexandre Koyré in the United States.

  • CIRHUS Research featured in NY Times and National Geographic

    A major discovery about Neandertal funeral practices by CIRHUS researcher William Rendu is the subject of articles in the New York Times and National Geographic magazine. Rendu's recent publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences provides further evidence that the Neanderthals buried their dead 50,000 years ago. His research is also featured on the CNRS website and is currently on the NYU front page.

  • Stéphane Tonnelat interviewed by French daily Libération.

    CIRHUS researcher Stéphane Tonnelat and his colleague Martin Aranguren talk about the results of their ongoing research project on social interactions in public spaces.

  • CIRHUS-Rockefeller Archive Center Fellowships

    The CIRHUS and the Rockefeller Archive Center are pleased to announce the establishment of a joint fellowship program.
    This fellowship is open to scholars in French universities and research institutions working in the history of the social sciences and the humanities, broadly understood. Every year, up to five fellows will be awarded the fellowship and be able to spend time between the CIRHUS premises at NYU and the Rockefeller Archive Center in Tarrytown.

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Upcoming Events

  • November

    Friday, November 21st, 12:30 p.m.

    The Historical Epistemology of Alexandre Koyré

    CIRHUS, Dean's Conference Room, 2nd floor

    The historical epistemology of Alexandre Koyré is still poorly understood. Thanks to Koyré, the notion of "scientific revolution" became one of the most popular notion in the history of science as an academic field, but, surprisingly, it did not generate a strong interest in Koyré's work. He is still commonly considered either as a follower of his contemporary Gaston Bachelard, or as a precursor of Thomas Kuhn.