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Welcome to CIRHUS!

Welcome to CIRHUS, the joint research center between NYU and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). CIRHUS supports collaborative projects across the social sciences and the humanities between NYU faculty and visiting researchers from CNRS and higher education institutions in France. It runs several competitive fellowship programs enabling visiting researchers to come to NYU and NYU faculty and postdocs to spend time in France. We invite you to subscribe to our mailing list to receive regular announcements regarding our programs, activities and events.


  • University of Piraeus & CIRHUS Conference

    The Eastern Mediterranean in Historical Perspective

  • Visiting Fellowships

    Appel à candidatures pour des séjours de recherche au CIRHUS (UMI3199), New York

  • CIRHUS Fellowships

    CIRHUS to offer visiting fellowships to France for NYU faculty and post-docs

  • Proceedings

    Proceedings of CIRHUS international symposium on Aurignacian Genius published in the journal P@lethnology/Palethnologie

  • CESPRA Symposium

    Nicolas Guilhot presents his recent work on the realist interpretations of Machiavelli in the 20th century at the Journée d'Etude 'Actualités du Machiavélisme" organized by the CESPRA and the Société des Amis de Raymond Aron. June 9, 2015.

  • CIRHUS lunchtime seminar

    CIRHUS, December 8, Solange Rigaud will present the results of her research on the complex cultural mechanisms underlying the transition to farming in Europe.

  • Visiting Fellows

    CIRHUS, October 27, CIRHUS Fellows discuss their research and main findings.

  • CFP

    Ethnographies of Mass Transportation in a Globalized World

  • International Workshop

    This workshop will examine public-private partnerships that contribute to the development of public space and urban amenities with a new urban aesthetics and architectural quality.

  • Wenner-Gren Symposium

    CIRHUS Director presents new results in high-level Wenner-Gren Symposium on Fire and the Genus Homo.

  • Futures of Intellectual History

    A venue for conversation about graduate work in intellectual history

  • Dystopian Democracies

    In partnership with the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights of Council of Europe, CIRHUS presents the conference: Towards Dystopian Democracies in Europe and the USA? From Prejudice In Immigration Policies to Mass Surveillance in Counterterrorism Operations.

  • Decision

    This international workshop is the last of a series of meetings meant to address these questions and explore the transformation of our understanding of sovereign decision-making in the 20th century.

  • New discoveries

    CIRHUS, September 29, Randall White discusses new discoveries of Prehistoric art

  • New work by CIRHUS Visiting Fellow

    CIRHUS Visiting Fellow Ada Ackerman publishes new work on the American photographer Margaret Bourke White

  • Stranded in Marseille

    CIRHUS Research Fellow Jean-Philippe Dedieu publishes new work in The New Yorker on the failed expectations of urban renewal in France’s multicultural port city.

  • New study questions recently announced Paleolithic art dates

    A study by an international group of prehistoric art specialists, including CIRHUS's Director Randall White, has just appeared in the journal Quaternary International. The authors raise serious doubts on methodological grounds about the validity of recently claimed dates of older than 40,000 years for Paleolithic wall art, and they go on to express concerns about the destructive nature of the sampling procedures used to obtain such dates. See accompanying audioslide presentation here.

  • New Research by CIRHUS Member

    A study conducted by Solange Rigaud and published in PLOS ONE provides new clues regarding the spread of farming in Europe 8000 years ago. See the announcement.

  • Material Culture Review publishes proceedings of CIRHUS workshop

    The proceedings of the workshop organized in 2013 by CIRHUS fellow Noémie Etienne are now available in print. This special issue of the Material Culture Review focuses on the de-localization and re-localization of material culture on different scales—between continents, but also within the same country or even within an apartment. This perspective allows to study the migration of objects from one territory to another.

  • 'Why words don't work'

    Ruth-Ben Ghiat's latest installment in her CNN series on the legacies of World War One

  • Grants for dissertation research in France

    The French Embassy in the United States offers grants allowing doctoral students to pursue their research in a French research center for a period of 4 to 9 months. Further information about the application process can be found here.