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Francisco Roa Bastos

CIRHUS Rockefeller Fellow


Francisco Roa Bastos (Ph.D., Political Science) is adjunct assistant professor at the University of Paris 1-Sorbonne. His dissertation developed a sociological and historical analysis of the inscription into European Community Law of the category of « political parties at the European level ». It focused in particular on the mobilizations of political actors leading to that recognition, and on the academic discourses and scholars that have contributed to shape the notion of “European parties” since the 1950s. His current project aims at enlarging this study by focusing on the emergence of a “theory of political parties” in 20th century political science.  He has thus began researching the archives of the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, the Social Science Research Council and several international and professional associations such as the International Social Science Council, the International Sociological Association and the International Political Science Association, all of which have contributed to the emergence of this new field of research.
His work also deals more broadly with the question of legitimization of political power  ( and with the social history and epistemology of the social sciences. A selection of his publications are available at:
Francisco will be visiting CIRHUS and the Rockefeller Archive Center in June and July 2014.
Updated on 06/30/2015