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Waiting for the #7 train on a weekday morning, Flushing Queens, NYC © Stéphane Tonnelat, 2007

May 26-27: International Workshop

Thursday, May 26, 2016, 9:00 a.m.

Ethnographies of Mass Transportation in a Globalized World
International Workshop
May 26-27, 2016

4 Washington Square North
New York, NY 10003

Workshop Schedule

As urban populations the world over are growing, more and more cities are building subways, tramways and bus lines, creating new transport landscapes, connecting and sectioning off new kinds of territories. Urban dwellers meanwhile are being segregated and mixed in previously unknown ways. This workshop will gather scholars who are researching and writing about mass transit systems (especially subways/metros, bus/Bus Rapid Transit, light rail, trams) as a way to conceptualize "the urban" and critically explore issues such as development, sustainability, mobility, urban design, public space, technology, and infrastructure.

Scholars will present research conducted in the mass transit networks of cities as diverse as Taipei, Seoul, Moscow, Tehran, Santiago, Stockholm, Chicago, New York City, Tokyo, Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Bogota and Hawassa (Ethiopia).

The workshop is open to the public. It is supported by the NYU provost global initiatives program and organized by Stéphane Tonnelat (Associate Research Faculty at CNRS and NYU) and Rashmi Sadana (Assistant Professor, George Mason University). It will be held at the Center for International Research in the Humanities and Social Science (CIRHUS) at NYU.

Contact: Stéphane Tonnelat ( & Rashmi Sadana (

Please RSVP by May 24, 2016 to Valérie Dubois (